In the wake up of the “no bed syndrome” in some hospitals especially the Korle Bu hospital, the member of parliament for Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency, who is a medical doctor by profession and former district director of health says, the current unpleasant situation is as a results of lack of political will to invest into the health sector.

He indicates his extreme disappointment in the way government is handling the matter. Many people have been reported to have been turned out from the hospital. Others being treated on plastic chairs and on the floor. Many have died as a results of this “embarrassing ” situation that country has found itself in.

He also quizzes why hospitals built and completed by the previous government are left to rot. He cited the University of Ghana medical centre and the Ridge hospital as modern hospitals that could have been opened and used to address some of these challenges. Speaking to tv3 news on the recent sad events in the health sector, which was keenly monitored by, the MP did not hide his frustration in the situation considering his vast experience in the health sector. The member of parliament who is the member of the health committee of parliament has been consistent on the lack of political will to invest into the health sector. He is on records to have chided government for the allocation of inadequate funds in the 2017 budget to take care of the training of more health workers, building of more hospitals and other health infrastructure as well as adequately funding the “ailing” National Health Insurance Scheme. It is obvious that recent happenings have vindicated the law maker. He added that “the rapid growth of population is contributing to the issues. The 2.5% population growth is too high and go a long way to worsen our health related issues.” He intimated that more education is needed for families to adopt birth control measures. He also stated that the National Health Insurance Scheme should incorporate measures to check the rate of births in the country since that will go a long way to affect the health predicament of the country. He admonished government to build more health infrastructure, utilize existing ones adequately and be proactive in the management of the health sector.

By Denis Andaban

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