No Girl Is Used And Dumped, It’s Ignorance – Olivia Ziem

Lately Most Relationships Have Been Tearing Apart Due to The Mentality People Hold About Relationships.

People Go  Into Them With The Sole Aim To Please Themselves Sexually others Go In  For Marital Purposes But The Fact That Ladies Claim They’ve Been Used And Dumped After A Relationship Has Ended Abruptly Is What Olivia Is Having A Problem With. Opinion Below:

“Ladies, maybe if you would stop seeing sex with guys as a service or favor rendered which demands a price of some sort, or payment,then in most cases u won’t feel used and dumped. I hate to hear ” he used me and dumped me” or ” I had an abortion for him”… Young lady like seriously?!
I believe when u have sex with a guy, it’s a mutual thing. U enjoyed, he enjoyed, u both had a good time. If u didn’t enjoy then is because u had a motive or u just didn’t want to! Sex is a good thing when is done with whom you love, then in most cases u wouldn’t feel as if u have been used and dumped because u both knew what u were doing.
Even if u had an abortion cos he suggested it, then the abortion was not for him, it was for you! U can always say no! You agreed cos u didn’t wanna be a disappointment to your parents and the talk of the hood. You don’t wanna be judged and that’s understandable.
But u can’t blame just him and act vulnerable like a kid. part of being an adult is being able to take responsibilities for your actions!
Ladies, grow up before u think of indulging in what grown ups do!!”

Source: Upper West Media/GHANA

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