A massive row has erupted in the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Sissala East Constituency in the Upper Wast Region which situation is seriously posing potential threat to the NPP’s electoral fortunes in the longer term for the next general election in the area.

Sissala East DCE, Karim Nanyua Second from Left.

The development, Today gathered, is as a result of agitations by some constituency executives, electoral area coordinators and polling station executives who have accused the Sissala East Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mr Karim Nanyua, and the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Mr Ridwan Abass Dauda, of gross discrimination against many eligible and legitimate members of the party.
Following this development, the aggrieved executives have called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to relieve the MCE of his post and also call the MP to order.
In their view, the actions of both the MCE and the MP were giving the NPP a bad name in the constituency.
With regard to the MCE, they alleged that he resolved to award contracts to families and friends while neglecting proposals from the NPP core members, who are eligible of delivering same contracts.
“The earlier you sack the MCE the better for our electoral fortunes in the Sissala East. An efficient, effective and proactive leadership at the assembly would revitalise and re-energise the party structure, attract floating voters and create the needed euphoria for 2020 general election,” the executives stressed.
According to them, Mr Nyayua, who has grown wings after narrowly being endorsed as the MCE, has neglected the party’s structures and running a family and friends administration, refusing to consult stakeholders of the NPP in implementing government policies and awarding of contracts for developmental projects.
These were stated in a four-page petition signed by some constituency executives including party faithfuls, grassroots, polling station executives, electoral area coordinators, elders, patrons and the entire structure of the party in the constituency.
Some of the personalities who signed the petition include Luri Shaibu, Kpaviara-Yalia, Baluri Bayadomo, Wutirirra Sakai, Prosper Yaljie Kusinjan, Ambra Danladi, Nashiru Kuoro Nabulo, Mohammed Bayuoni, Suraj Bawujimie
The rest are Haruna Suara Zongo, Dauda, Dakui Danladi, Dramani Iddrisu, Abudu Issah, Abdul Razak Issahaku Challu and Nurideen Minawaare among others.
The petition dated Monday, November 5, 2018, and submitted to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and the Upper Wast Regional Chairman of the NPP Mr Kangbere asserted that the MCE’s actions indicated that he had no interest in contributing to developing and carefully positioning the NPP to increase its electoral fortunes in the Sissala East constituency.
The petition states that in the beginning of the 2017-farming season, Mr Nanyua, who doubles as the Chairman for the Planting for Food and Jobs Programme, allegedly used his office to severely discriminate against a greater proportion of the members of NPP from accessing forms meant for the registration of farmers for the programme.
According to the petitioners, this action of the MCE angered most of the members of the NPP who are farmers, driving them to rather resort to buying fertiliser at exorbitant open market prices.
The petitioners indicated the forms the MCE hoarded were released at the last minute when the planting season was almost over.
“The reason [why] he did all that was because he felt that these NPP supporters including polling stations executives and most of electoral area coordinators would not endorse his choice of candidates in the then impending constituency executive election.
“Also, as the chairman for the Planting for Food and Jobs Programme, he did not adopt any prudent management skills in managing the fertilisers when they finally arrived,” they said.
They pointed out that it was sad to note that fertilisers were off-loaded and thrown to the ground without any caution.
That, according to the petitioners, resulted in many bags of fertilisers being wasted as a result of the height at which they were thrown to the ground.
“In many circumstances, instead of the MCE to receive weigh bills from drivers who brought in the fertilizers and off-loaded them so as to cross check with the quantity contained in the weigh bills, his cluelessness and clandestine activity of stealing the fertilizer clouded his leadership and judgement.

Story: Todaygh.com

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