Cylinders Donated to Delegates by Mr. Orison


Mr Abubakari Salifu Orison also known by the youth of the upper west region,especially the football lovers as ‘Abu Bazooka’ because of a football team he founded known as “BAZOOKA FC” and now aspiring candidate of the NPP Wa Central constituency parliamentary primaries going into election 2020 donated 31 tablets to the constituency’s 31 electoral area coordinators and one for the constituency’s research officer.

The tablets includes Vodafone SIM card and there will an amount of data sent to each at the end of each month to aid the well functioning of the tablets.

The donation of these tablets he said in his speech was to enable the coordinators of the party to make use of the advancement of technology of the 21st century.

He said “mobile phones for instance has become an integral part of our daily activities,and can even be said to be next to our Quran and bible because today we have soft copies of our Quran and bibles in them,so by so doing I think the NPP party and for that matter Wa central NPP should be able to take an opportunity in these technological advancements to make data collection easy for our coordinators and party” The donation was done at the party’s constituency office with first presentation going to the Research Officer known as Mr Abdul Wahab Suadique popularly known as “STRETCH”.

After receiving the donation,he thanked the Candidate and reminded the Campaign coordinator of Team Orison ( Mr Iddris Bomson – Who is the 2times former secretary of the party) about an incidence when they were working together to wrestle power from NDC in the 2016 election and got to a village in their outreach where they needed a motorbike to cross to the next because their car couldn’t,the motor bike he lamentably said was rented to them by a party person,his reminder he said was as a reason to say if the party had such logistics they wouldn’t have even gone through that stress of visiting all communities to take data. He therefore thanked Mr Orison and his campaign team for the well thought because it goes a way to prove they are thinking of the party’s survival and not just the parliamentary primaries. The second donation was given to Mr Akram,the coordinator of ZONGO electoral area who doubles as the head of the coordinators.

He also thanked Mr Orison and said his past contributions and that of recent gifts during and after Ramadan has gone to prove they are ready to work with coordinators to wrestle power from the NDC. Mr Orison also made it known that his dream has always been to work for the upper west people and it was in light of that dream he funded the affairs of the team he had (BAZOOKA FC).which created an avenue that has opened doors for some of our youth in the region to travel abroad and some playing in some other teams in other parts of the country,the team was at points taken out of the region for some other reasons but plans are far advanced to bring it back to the region and many more things shall be rolled to get our youth a means of livelihood.

He added that,it wasn’t to boast,and even if it were as our people say,when the lizard falls from a tree,it nods its head in Congratulations to itself for the acrobatic display and so I want to say I have done immensely well over the years by always investing not less than a Gh100,000 into the team annually for over seven years and there are people in the region to testify to this. This revelation I myself remember was told us at a youth camp by a former captain of the team.

He also said notable among other contributions he did was the GMC pickup he donated to the party in 2016 which forms part of the reasons we were able to close the margin between the NPP and NDC. He added,the seat of the NPP was traditionally an NPP seat until 1992 when we went into constitutional rule and the NDC took it from us and since then we have been striving to wrestle it back and for some other reasons we haven’t been able.

He made it known a party is worked for by three people,those who work with their wealth,those who work with their strength and those who work with wealth and strength,so he has for some time ago been working with his wealth even from far but now decided to work with his wealth and strength so we can win the seat.

He made it known he is doing a campaign with decorum and has admonished his campaign team to do so because they have done a lot and have a lot to talk about themselves,it is only those who have nothing to talk of themselves and what they can do that talk of others and is urging all other candidates to do so.

He said he is of the firm believe that,the well wishes,the smiles he and his team have been welcomed with and the good works he and his team have done and are doing with the help of the coordinators and other executives and by the will of Allah,his team will emerge victorious at the end of the primaries and will definitely work to win the seat,he said he therefore sees none of his competitors as a headache in this competition. He together with the campaign coordinator, Mr Bomson,on behalf of himself and his team thanked Allah almighty,thanked all coordinators,the media,the IT personnel that is going to teach the coordinators on how to use the software to collate the data,and all others present


Team Orison ’CYLINDER PROJECT’ is to help reduce the cutting down of trees for the manufacture of charcoal,it’s to help reduce cost incurred by our youth camps and many others on electricity and also to reduce the electricity consumption in the nation so as to help as regulate power consumption to curb the menace of “dumsor”
Over 50 cylinders purchased and distributed so far to various youth camps.
We have lot on our agenda and shall role them out before elections and after elections.

. #TeamOrison #ParticipantsLeadership #YouDecide Sign ……. Baba Waala (PA Mr Abubakari Salifu Orison)

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