After several reports have been received and reacted upon by the public in diverse ways, Mr. Tuorimuo who is a researcher and an entrepreneur has come out to condemn the monopoly NSS is attaching to e-zwich.

He said there could be a hidden agenda of invest and gain  in the deal which is uncalled for.

“ The issue is pathetic and uncalled for why a sudden change unannounced, that’s very unprofessional, there could be some sought of chop-chop deal in it, won’t they consider the stress of queues? Look at the number involved and even the time of communication, let’s be selfless for once in this country and stop the greed, I back the students to demonstrate and let the public hear of it” he said.

NSS Personnel have had their e-zwich cards being rejected for reasons unknown. Participants of Upper West have been asked to get their cards from GN Bank or be rejected.


By Upper West Media

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