Press Release.                                                                                         PEACE AWARDS FOR A MAN OF PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT; CONGRATULATIONS HON. ALBAN S.K BAGBIN.                                        

On behalf of the good people of the Nadowli/Kaleo constituency, we, members of the Network of Young Mentees of Bagbin (NYMB), congratulate you for being a recipient of the National Peace Awards. These include the Governance Peace Award, the Parliamentary Peace Award, the Community Spirit Peace Award, and the Humanitarian and Service Peace Award. These are awards you well deserve. Naturally, your political persona is one of a widely admired peaceful resonance that is in perfect harmony with your whole embodiment, your work and your environment. Your welcoming smiles and soft spoken words through to your lovely interaction with many people all radiate peace. During political campaigns, whiles others are busy insulting opponents and inciting their followers to riot, you always campaign for and champion peace. We thank the organizers for recognizing your unyielding sacrifices in contributing to the maintenance of peace and unity within and outside Ghana. We also wish to use this opportunity to congratulate you on your assumption of office as Second Deputy Speaker of the Seventh Parliament of the fourth Republic. With your rich experience in the business of the House, we are very confident that you represent a well-stocked vault of knowledge for Parliament to immensely benefit from. It will be an understatement to reckon that you are an institution of parliamentary democracy in Ghana.In 2015, you won for us the overall best MP of the year with an outstanding score of 97.3 percent. The African Watch Magazine rated you A+ in two different years. You won the overall best Minister of the year in 2012. At the international level, you won the 2015 Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Award. As enthusiastic youth learning from you, we cherish and treasure these achievements as a heritage. These awards do not come to us as a surprise because you have adequately demonstrated that your political persona is one of discipline, hard work, diligence, and principles.  Your resolve to always strive for the best while setting new standards makes you a unique leader. This inspires us to never settle for less. We wish to use this opportunity to officially bring to your attention that you have such a network of young Ghanaians who are closely monitoring and learning from your impressive exploits.  In Conclusion, we note with impressions that beyond these charming and enviable laurels, your vision and foresight has brought the Nadowli/Kaleo constituency from zero to hero in terms of development. From only one Day Senior High Technical School that operated from a dilapidated pavilion to a record of five established Senior High Schools and a Teacher Training College, the constituency can now boast of self-sufficiency in education. Before 1993, the constituency virtually had no health facility, clean drinking water and electricity. Today, due to your hard work as a Member of Parliament,  the constituency  now boasts of the best District Hospital in the Upper West Region, over fifty functioning CHPS compounds and clinics, over six hundred working boreholes and small town water systems, and over eighty percent electricity coverage. We say thank you. You have adequately demonstrated that you indeed have the blue print for the development of the Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency and mother Ghana at large. We once again pledge our support and partnership to help you achieve your vision for the Constituency and this Country at large.We wish you the very best in your quest to establish a just and free society in the provision of equitable development in the Constituency.                                                                                              NYE TI BAGBIN, NYE TI MAALA!!…..       signed……

Dabaga James (National Coordinator)                                Tel:0241377973                                                                                      Biekpe Sylvester                                                                                  (National P.R.O)                                                            Tel:0248532234.                                                                                     Yennah Nantamba Rufus.                                                                     (National Chairman)                                                                  Tel:0266873734

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