In a bid to stay fit after widespread public
scrutiny of his increasing pot-belly, hiplife artist
and President of the Musicians Union of
Ghana,‘Obour’ collapsed
on Sunday morning while training at the
University of Ghana school field. According to reports , the incident happened
around 7.30am yesterday morning when
Obour was going through his new Sunday
morning drill in preparation for his new Fitness
reality show which will be launched on Friday at
Rockstones Office in collaboration with 4Syte TV. Obour who was in the company of his trainer
and his fitness project manager was later
resuscitated and sent to the Legon Hospital
where he was later discharged. According to Naya Sad the project manager,
“Obour was over working himself this morning.
He had completed his set for the day but he
still wanted to push himself to do two more 400
metersrounds”. Obour had also endured a grueling seven hour
trip to Techiman and back for the funeral of
the father of Tourism, Culture and Arts minister.


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