Every soul contesting in the regional elections of the NPP is qualified hence the party allowed them to proceed. But petty as we want to be we have reduced the argument to who is a stranger and who is from upper west. Lest we forget this is an internal contest and we have a party to protect moving forward. Today money is evil in the NPP and people seeking election now think the delegates are so gullible that they can’t decide because they are being offered material things. We can raise the bar by discussing the policies that can make the upper west NPP strongholds but so far I have not heard any. In the next 48 hours God willing the elections shall be over and we would need both winners and losers to propel the party ahead and so when you tarnish the image of your competitors, you are indirectly saying you can do it alone when you win. When we were in opposition we needed the cash and logistics to run the campaign, today we think the efforts of others in making that contribution was a drop in the ocean when in fact others caused us bad press which we were forced to defend sheepishly.
In my opinion every individual in the race must restrain from the pettiness and advance their messages thus policies and strategies that would make NPP attractive in the upper west region.
Remember we are a family and the contest is a unit of the universal set. To those complaining about the wealth of their competitors, it will not serve you any good because you are rather making your opponents popular. In any case no one likes to be poor, even poverty doesn’t like itself, does it?
To the election committee, some became irresponsible and it cost us our regional minister, who knows what, will happen if you also fail to carry out your responsibility. So far so good except that there is a red flag about who should be representatives from the TESCON groups and the where about of the election committee chairman is important.
I have friends in the various CAMPS and that has made me to be silent. They are all competent; one can’t tell me Bomison, Sadat, and Bosco Tia have not demonstrated enough competence.
The contributions of Alhaji White are undoubted. Hafiz, SB Kangberee and the rest have all paid their dues if we talk about the party NPP. It will therefore be suicidal to think that destroying others will help the party. I wish all the competitors in the contest well and will state once again for emphasize that we must conduct ourselves well so that at the end of the day the party will not suffer. Already we are suffering and that is enough.
Having sat in economics class before, I am guided by the principle of SCALE OF PREFERENCE. I therefore recommend team SB. KANGBEREE FOR THE REGION NOT BECAUSE THE REST ARE NOT QUALIFIED BUT BECAUSE WE HAVE TO MAKE A WORTHY CHOICE.
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