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“Gafirch3” no long grammar, straight to the points:

1. The two ambulances donated to the district by the Member of Parliament have both broken down and none is functional.

2. Also, the two ambulances donated to the district by the government under the “one district one ambulance” initiative have equally broken down.

3. The police Commander of Sawla just took over from the then Commander, please read his handing over notes very well and put your feet on the ground, nothing seems to be changing with regard to crime rate.

4. My good friend, BNI officer, your intelligence gathering can be intensified , we are patiently loosing hope in you.

5. Madam DCE, please I hope you can at least be better than the one inherited. Kindly work with the technocrats. There is a huge lapse between your office and the other Officials of the district.

6. Mr. Health director, work quickly with the ambulance service and the office of the DCE to service all the broken down ambulances. I’m sure the IGF of the assembly is not only for attending weddings and funerals so push the DCE to utilize it.

I’m generous with this little piece and I may come back very hard if nothing is done or try to organize a demonstration against any of the above who remained adamant.

I wish you all the best. Thank you

By : Kipo Elijah Bakar
A concern citizen of Sawla-Tuna-Kalba

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