The chiefs and people of the Tumu traditional area on today, Saturday March 23, 2019 celebrated their annual ‘Paragbielle Festival on the theme, Paragbielle Festival; a Tool for the Restoration of Our Cultural Heritage’.

Paragbielle 2019, Tumu


The theme is more appropriate for the celebration, given the current challenges of Ghana’s economy due to a record time depreciation of the cedi; which is largely as a result of the import dependent nature of our economy arising out of foreign influence life styles and consumption patterns lead by the Ghanaian people to the neglect of our culture and other traditional values.

Paragbielle 2019, Tumu with Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton

The celebration was a washed with cultural and traditional display of music and dance, dress, firing of musketry, poetry, appellation and drumming, artifacts etc. as part of efforts to reassert our culture and tradition on the youth.
Worthy of noting in the history of the festivals’ celebration for the first time is the gracing of the occasion by H E President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, who made good, his campaign promise to attend the festival when voted for in 2016 elections. This was hugely appreciated by the Tumu Kuoru, Richard Babini Kanton VI on behalf of his subjects by honoring the President with a skin name/title ‘Nandong Tenge’ meaning, a true friend of development. On this note, the Tumu Kuoru, Richard Babini Kanton VI, made the following demands on behalf of his people to H E , the President:
1. Creation of a new constituency out of the Municipality
2. Rehabilitation of silted Tumu dam to support all year irrigation farming
3.Tarring of Bolga-Tumu-Wa road
4.Tarring of Tumu to the Burkina Faso end of the border road, as well as the upgrading and building of a new customs border office
5. Provision of ultra modern hospital to serve the health needs of the people
6. Inclusion of Nursing Assistant Preventative Programme/Course to the Midwifery Training College
7. Establishment of TVET Institute etc.

The President in addressing the people of the traditional area and the Municipality as the special guest of honor, enumerated some of the success chalked by his government in the; health, agric, education and other sectors of the economy in the Sissala East Municipality. H E, the President also reiterated his commitment to deliver on his agenda for jobs manifesto promise to the people of Ghana and urged his critics to open their eyes wide and appreciate the good works that his government is embarking upon to improve on the lots of Ghanaians.

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