Just a day after a police man on night duty shot a young man by name ‘the game’ a past student of Wasec on the pelvic, people of WA have been left with no option than to express their displeasure about the issue even to the extent of going on a demonstration to seek justice and discipline in  the police force,  another mess has been caused by a female police officer by name ‘Believe Amedzro’ from  Volta Region who went on social media to rant insults on people of WA referring to them  as ‘criminals and fools’, she even went to the extent of referring to their forefathers as criminals.

She also said she was waiting for the day any ‘waala fool’ would appear at the Wa police station complaining of a missing Motorbike.

Upperwestmedia.net was Sent screen  shots of This misconduct by residents of the region to prove there was actually indiscipline in  the police force of WA most especially people of Volta Region.

Check photos  below to see her insults:









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Source: upperwestmedia.net

2 thoughts on “People of WA are ‘Criminals’, ‘fools’ I regret working there – Female police Officer.

  1. If the comment was made by a civilian there would have been sense in that, for me a police woman making such a comment that “the people of Wa are criminals” and “fools” if that is really true, there is no sense in that. There is no society in this world devoid of criminals and fools, that is the reason why you have been placed there to go there to police to put criminals and fools activities in check. For a police man or woman to complain that because of criminals and fools activities she regrets being posted there is not fit in that service and should be sacked out right.

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