Kperisi M.A. Primary School in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West region made the news yesterday after Joy News’ Rafiq Salam reported that the pupils were lying on the bare classroom floor to write because they don’t have furniture to sit on. The Headmistress said the pupils don’t only get waist pains as a result but also catch a cold which always land them in the hospital. Following this report, the running mate of the biggest opposition party (NPP) Dr Mahamudu Bawumia visited the Kperisi M.A. Primary School where he took photographs with the pupils and some teachers of the school. He wrote on his facebook wall: “I visited the Kperisi M.A. Primary School this morning following reports on conditions in the school.” Dr. Bawumia said he has ordered furniture for 500 students in the school. “I have ordered school furniture for 500 students in the school,” he wrote. According to earlier reports, only two of the 56 pupils in this classroom can boast of a table and a chair their parents bought them.

By Upper West Media

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