The Lloyd’s Ville Hotel located in the Jirapa District of the Upper West Region has been opened to the public ahead of the official completion and launch in August this year.The facility nicknamed ‘Upper West Dubai’, has been executed by Mr EricK Johnson, a Ghanaian Entrepreneur and Chief Executive of the Intermerc Ghana Limited, the company that funded the establishment of the project.

The first phase of the hotel has an executive mansion and 180 rooms comprising deluxe, standard and economy as well as a conference hall with about 500 sitting capacity.A helipad for landing of helicopters for emergency cases had been provided in front of the executive mansion and to cater for the needs of high class customers who would want to avoid the distance by road.There is also a 24-hour restaurant serving various varieties of dishes and a zoo with animals such as antelope, Chimpanzee, monkey and grass cutters among others to give their customers a touch of sightseeing.

It also has a water factory that would produce 3,000 cartons of bottled water per day, a swimming pool at different locations and customers would therefore well assured of adequate and quality water supply.Mr Michael Klugey, a Project Engineer for Intermerc Ghana Limited who conducted the media around the facility said the Lloyd’s Ville Hotel project had total land area of 62 acres, disclosing that the second phase would come with 400 rooms and other accompanying facilities.

He pointed out that there would be constant and adequate power supply at all times as enough solar panels had been installed to provide power to compliment that of the electricity.Emphasising on the water situation, Mr Klugey said a number of boreholes had been sunk with a combined yield of one million litres per day.He said there was also a water reservoir with 500,000 litres capacity and a containerised high quality water treatment plant shipped in from the United States to treat water for the bottling factory.

Mr Klugey said the water which was sent to the US for testing had been found to be of high quality, disclosing that the bottled water would be named “Nordeau” meaning “Water from the North”.Mr Erick Johnson, an Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer for Intermerc Ghana Limited disclosed that he had similar facilities dotted across various parts of the world.He explained that his decision to site the facility in a rural area such as Jirapa was based on his passion to contribute to the development of the rural economy and also provide jobs for his people since he hailed from there.

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3 thoughts on “(Photos) Lloyd’s Ville Hotel A.k.a Jirapa Dubai To Kick Start In August.”
  1. Am highly impressed. May this facility be very well managed and taken care of. Its a beginning to beautiful things in the Upper West Region.

  2. The hotel has opened up Jirapa Municipal and the community the hotel is cited that is Konzokala.
    Johnson is really a true son of the area.
    May the Most High God richly you.

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