police officers on night duty at around 9pm on Saturday 1st April 2017, shot a young man of age 27. The said young man who’s  name was only known as ‘The Game’ was picked on a luojia motorbike unregistered when the issue happened.                                                                                                    The were on the Rawlings highstreet from Kambali  approaching the main traffic when all of a sudden two police men also on a Yamaha motorbike on duty approached them and tried to stop them, in the process, The Game who was behind the unregistered motorbike jumped down and started running, in the proccess one of the police officers shot at his right pelvic. Instantly young men who experienced the scene  couldn’t hold it but rather got up to exhibit displeasure whilst the victim was rushed to the Wa regional hospital for immediate attention.                                                                                  The youth claimed this was not the first time police men behaved abysmally towards residents of WA municipality and claimed if nothing will be done by the leaders then they would have no option than to take the issue into their own hand and sort it out  The youth burnt car tyres and blocked all roads leading to the regional police station and were after any police the lay their hands on to assault the fellow, but quickly the regional minister and armed forces had to come inn and calm the issue down after which most police officers went into hidding.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Source: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip

By Upper West Media

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