Kambali was earlier today thrown to agitation as its assembly man was physically assaulted by a Police officer in Kambali.


Peter Salia Met the worse beating of his life when a police officer yet to be identified went out of the police code of conduct to misbehave in public.
According to eye witnesses, the police man had a misunderstanding with a tricycle rider whom he had alleged crossed his path in his riding process. He was stopped instantly and asked to forward himself to the police station for interrogation he resisted and tried defending himself in the process by calling the Kambali Assembly member on phone to come and help solve the issue, Peter Arrived at the scene only to beaten up by the police officer for not complying with his orders, this sparked outrage in Kambali as several people who attempted to come inn regretted.
The issue is yet to be investigated by the police.

Credit: Upperwestmedia.net

One thought on “Physical Assault: Kambali Assembly Man Beaten Mercilessly by Police Officer.”
  1. I think the assemblyman might have said something which might provoked the policeman. But the policeman have no right to invite the tricycle rider. What the policeman should have done is to report the suspect to the police.(an independent body to investigate ) “He” the policeman becomes an interested party and he can not investigate his own case. Attempt to invite the suspect by himself is a sign of how corrupt he is and abuse of of his office.

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