The wa mttu police command after several days of harassing town riders for riding unregistered motorbikes and not wearing helmets have headed to Uds in bamahu to seize motorbikes without registration numbers and also to penalize students without helmets.
This started around 8am in the morning as some economic students have complained bitterly about it. Some said it was unexpected and they should been preinformed before the action. Others said it wasted part of their lecture periods as some couldn’t leave the bikes behind.
The student have suggested that its possible some school authorities have a hand in the police harassment in order to reduce the rate of student accidents and misbehavior on the roads.
Wa police have since a month ago started seizing unregistered bike of residents of wa for not abiding by the riding laws of waring helmet and registration of vehicles. This they said have increased crime rates as criminals who use unregistered motobikes at crime scenes can’t be traced.


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