Ghana’s democratic credentials have been praised as one of the best in Sub- sahara Africa and Africa at large. Despite the significant gains Ghana have recorded in the decades in terms of advancing her democratic gains, the youth of Ghana could be described as ‘a shame’ as most of them engaged in politics of insult and equalization.

Sadly, most party communicators in the Upper West Region of Ghana have learnt the norms that have been norms in elsewhere in Ghana.

It is a pity that, young men who by default and lack of competence in their political parties youth base become communicators and the only thing they know to do best is to run insults and heckle distinguished communicators and or social commentators in the air waves.

It is important to stress that, the only way to advance the communication of your political parties is to appreciate your party’s ideologies, policies of the government; party’s manifesto and give constructive criticism.

More so, one needs to be abreast with economic paradigms, agriculture, jobs creation, social welfare, infrastructure, educations and other sectors. I have become a victims of such an embarrassing attitudes of some uncultured party communicators and will not allow anybody who doesn’t understand politics and comparative governance to even share a platform and or disrespect me in that regard.

We are a region that has divergent religious orientation and unique cultural heritage where social norms, values and moral significance, respect to the elder helps to maintained our social order.

We cannot destroy these rich gains through unethical political culture.
I therefore admonished party’s in the Upper West Region, especially the NPP and the NDC to constitutes credible party communicators to do their bidding positively.

It is not everybody who speech English or good local dilate like, Waale or Dagaare that can become a communicator.

From: Tahiru Lukman
Youth Activist / Development Consultant
Wa, Upper West Region
(Tel: 0209154057)

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