After the unending cases of robbery being reported in Wa West, another has surfaced after a whistleblower just exposed a criminal by Name Prosper who tried to lure him to bring in thieves to a drinking spot in ponyentanga in wa west. The young man by name prosper was working with a lady whom he had interest in but unfortunately on his part the girl had interest in other guys from Loggu in Wa East, these boys according to prosper do visit the girl at the Spot and sometimes have sex with her there, he was very jealosed of that and thought of a way to setup the girl and put her in trouble so he decided to set up criminals to robb the spot so as to look as if the girl’s alleged boyfriends from Loggu committed the act, Prosper contacted a friend he knew in Wa by name Haadi who was also from Ponyentanga and suggested he assists him with guys who can robb the spot of it money, the money he said ranged between 900 and 1000 cedis and can be gotten only on Monday because by Tuesday it would be used to buy drinks.
Haadi responded to him on the phone as he recorded the communication made by Prosper, he later informed the Assembly member of the area who later contacted the Spot owner called Sam. Sam summoned a meeting excluding Prosper and wanted to know what was happening so Prosper became nervous and called Haadi back to find out if anyone heard their conversation, Haadi denied and said it was still a secret, Later Prosper called again and changed the topic claiming he actually meant they should go and steal someone’s motorbike in his house so as to share the profit.
Prosper was later summoned by the Spot owner together with the assembly man and admitted he planned the criminal act.
He was forwarded to the Wa Municipal Police for prosecution with audio evidence provided by Haadi the Whistleblower after which within four days, Prosper was given bail. He went to Ponyentanga after and was roaming with confidence informing people around he has been set free and nothing can happen to him, he further added that police was ready to arrest anyone who makes comments over him.
The wa Police officers were approached by Wfm in Wa and they were told there was no evidence to prove he wa a criminal But
Per our findings the boy prosper was recently on the media for stealing goats at Falahia area of wa Municipality.


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