Milikayooma(Left), Guinea Flag on Wa High Street (Right)

Popular artiste within the music spheres of Upper West has referred to  the use of Guinea flags as Ghana flags as carelessness.

He suggested minor mistakes of these sort are Major mistakes that speaks volumes of misconceptions in the international eye.

As citizens, we should be mindful of how we display our stands and symbols of Independence and sovereignty, this is certainly not the Ghana flag and can’t be the Ghana flag. This can be misconstrued at the international level if it gets into the media or lenses. The least said about some of these issues the better, I hope the people in authority get rid of these embarrassing symbols

Milikayooma born Kamaldeen is an Award Winning Dancehall Musician within Upper West who has featured Global Icons like Award winning Artiste Wiyaala, the Lioness of Africa.


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