3160846861803_301494071311The Karpower barge from Turkey to augment
Ghana’s electricity supply situation has arrived
in neighboring Ivory Coast. Joy News has learnt the 225 megawatts power
plant would be taken off the vessel on which it
has been traveling and towed into Ghana by
tugboats in the course of the week. The arrival in Ivory Coast marks the first leg of
the barge’s journey to Ghana where it is
expected to add 225 megawatts of electricity
to the current stock. Officials explain the barge will have to be taken
off the marine vessel, the Black Marlin before
it can be towed to Ghana. The operation however has to be conducted in
special deep-water port facilities, available in
Ivory Coast. The barge is expected to finally dock in Ghana
on November 27 after which it will take about a
week for its power to be fed into the national
grid. It will source its own fuel for power
generation even though government is
expected to provide assurances that it will be paid for the electricity Karpowership supplies.

Source: JoyNews

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