Late Lawyer Badombie

Late Assembly Member for Kuuncheni and Lawyer who was murdered between Banda Nkwanta and Nuoyiri in the Savannah Region had advised people to praise people for their efforts when they are alive rather than when they die. He made this statement on his social media page on 27th January 2021.

He added that such an attitude will go a long way to change society for good by urging people to do what they are praised for doing rather than being chastised only when they go wrong.

His post has made several people emotional and in a state of ambiguity at a time people have begun praising and saying positive thing about him after his death.


“What are praises to the dead?
Let’s learn to praise the
living. At least praises will
encourage them to be better

Late Lawyer Badombie was shot on the 28th of May 2022 in his car when he was heading to Jirapa.


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