It’s a big worry to the region , our young girls are becoming something else, recently 39 students from Wa East were reported to be pregnant, 2weeks ago Wa West was dominating with teenage pregnancy reports, one month ago, HIV prevalence was reported to have increased in Upper West what are the causes of all these?


Polygamy is a big problem and cause of some of these. With our economic status as a region, Polygamy is not good for us, we marry more wives because religion and society demands and yet our income is less than demand, our women run into flirting because their husbands can’t meet the demands some return home with STD’s and infect their spouse, so sad isn’t it?, worse of all others return with pregnancies and keep it a secret, the child becomes a burden to the breadwinner just like Nii Odartey Lamptey Experienced it.

‘Polygamy makes a man a double tongued man’ Mr. Tuorimuo will always say, More children, more wives, more problems, you have a single room and you have a large family, when the man wants to have a feel of his wife he just has to pray and hope that his kids are fast asleep, not today’s kids, they are very inquisitive and practice what they see and that explains the topic, kids below 17years can better explain to you how love feels, so sad they are not willing to study or get a better education but run after men with cash and motorbikes precisely(luojia).

Secondly, Lack of parental guidance and education has become a motivation to flirt around, Children below 17 roam on the street after 10:00pm and yet their parents don’t bother of their where about, some parents feel happy when their children roam out and never return, these children are promised ‘heaven’ by men they meet, deceived with gifts and this motivates them  because they’ve never experienced love and care at home so when they receive a little kindness, they run after the kindness not picturing the future implications and indications as some people do good for selfish interests. Some kids have no education about sex and the outcome of it, some know nothing of their menstrual circle and its implications when abused through sex, let’s educate the young and stop hiding sexual education as its common here. Parents hide sex education from their kids.

Single Parenting is also a cause of this problem we face. Some single parents have no control over their kids because of their attitude and how they acquired those kids, if you’ve dated so many men and this resulted in that child you are raising without a father, how do you restrict the child from flirting since you’ve not lived a good example to be emulated? So such kids misbehave without being regulated.

Lastly, some friends influence these kids into flirting, they tell them how sweet it is and the value it has financially some men pay more for sex, this motivates young ones to run into it because some can’t afford three square meals daily and feel it’s luxury and not stressful to have sex and get money, some of these kids hawk 24hours without being able to afford a meal, what do you expect if a man sponsors her.


These  problems need to be solved to return the morality to the Upper Scale as it was.

Firstly, parents shouldn’t hide sex education from their kids to avoid some unwanted pregnancies and dating.

Secondly, Polygamy shouldn’t be encouraged with our economic status it makes kids wayward. They don’t get the attention they need not to talk of the physical, safety and social needs, we are not benefiting from it, it shouldn’t be our culture.

Lastly, Parents should make it a point to monitor their kids where they go, what they do, friends they follow and the time they come home, it’s very necessary in raising a good child.

By; Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/

By Upper West Media

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