Provisional List of Lawyers from Upper West Region


Few days after list of PhD Holders was released, several people have suggested a list of lawyer will also be prodigious if a list of Lawyers could be sorted out.

Lawyers are significant figures of our country. They are counselors, Teachers, Psychologists and career developers. Though some Investigations carried out by Ana’s Aremeyaw Ana’s had proven that some Lawyer were not working in the interest of the innocent by submitting to bribes, other had maintained those dignity and some Lawyers in Upper West Region won the test by refusing bribes given by Anas Aremeyaw Ana’s in 2015.

List of Some Renowned Lawyers from Upper West Region.

1. Lawyer Clement Eledi
2. Lawyer Ambrose P. Dery
3. Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakuur
4. Lawyer Charles Lwanga Puoziung
5. Lawyer Lwanga Bogonluri
6. Lawyer Ubeidu Siddique
7. Lawyer Yoni Kulendi(Justice)
8. Lawyer Naa Mujeeb Kelle
9. Lawyer Bede Ziedeng
10. Lawyer Richard Badombie (Late)
11.Lawyer Thaddeus Sory
12.Lawyer Nuhela Seidu
13. Lawyer Abu Juan Jagiara
14. Lawyer Clara Beeri
15.Lawyer Abubakari Mutiu-Rahman
16. Lawyer Wahid Bampuori Iddrisu
17. Lawyer Fidel Liviel
18. Lawyer Sylvester Isang
19.Lawyer Stephen Sondem
20.Lawyer Bennettee Aabangbio Nakaar
21.Lawyer Daniel Bewel
22.Lawyer Joseph Siilo
23.Lawyer Vitalis Suglo
24.Lawyer Peter Angyiereyiri
25. Lawyer Terrence
26. Lawyer Isaac Kunko
27. Lawyer Superatus Ongoh

You can add a Lawyer in the Comment Section Below if he or she isn’t included in the list.


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      1. Justice Francis Korbieh, lawyer Solomon Korbieh, lawyer Felix Korbieh, lawyer samwine, justice suuribaareh and many more from kuncheni

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