Base on the constitution of Ghana, most workers in the public sector are expected to retire from active service at age 60 until otherwise stated by the worker to retire earlier.

This point of retiring at 60years is challenged by one of Ghana’s researchers, Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip.

“Retiring  at 60 is not an economic decision to a country with our population and resources, the policy was available because supply of human resource was low earlier so people had to serve longer in service, Now we have high demand for employment, why don’t  we let people serve in the public sector till 40years of their age so they can retire stronger to join the private sector and be useful to society. Knowing very well they would work for a shorter period would make them rational in spending and make them save money to start some businesses when they retire still active and fit, today with our attitude, people on retirement at 60years, become weak, save nothing because they assume they would be old by then and end up being liabilities to society and their family rather than being good entrepreneurs, they see the public sector to be an insurance that shouldn’t be the case ”.

He said this in an interview session with

Mr. Tuorimuo is an entrepreneur, a counselor and a researcher into social issues.


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