AFAG-491x330The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has vowed to reject moves by government and the Public Utility Regulatory Authority to increase utility tariffs in the country.

According to them, the poor services provided by the utility companies including the Electricity Company of Ghana and the Ghana Water Company Limited does not warrant even a single percentage of increase.

“AFAG maintains that the unsatisfactory service delivery by ECG and GWCL does not warrant a single percentage increment until Ghanaians get relatively constant supply of electricity and water. Ghanaians are gradually being pushed into squalor and this is dangerous to the peace of this country,” a statement from the group stated.

AFAG argued that instead of fighting for the interest of Ghanaians, the PURC has been “reduced to an oppressive tool for increasing utility tariffs” saying “this development tends to benefit service suppliers and government but without value for money to consumers.”

“It is clear that the PURC is least interested in protecting the public with respect to the quality of utility services, and pricing. Indeed the PURC has lost focus on its core mandate and merely reduced to an oppressive tool for increasing utility tariff.”

Utility providers in the country are advocating a 100% increase in the prices of utility citing the continuous depreciation of the cedi as the basis for their claim.


The pro-opposition group has thus called on Ghanaians to “rise up and resist any form of increase in tariff by the PURC on utility services” since to them “something is certainly not right.”

“…Under this regime, Ghanaians are being made to believe that poverty is a norm. Households in Ghana are suffering from economic distress. Things are falling apart.

Toothless TUC

They also charged Ghanaians to speak up against the tariff increases and has assured to stage a massive protest should government goes ahead with the increment.

“The TUC is toothless and probably compromised. Ghanaian workers have no hope. Certainly, we will meet any tariff increase with a mass action. It makes no sense. President John Mahama made a special request for this Tariff increase. It is just to pay up a government’s debt intentionally caused by corruption,” the statement added.


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