Rainstorm Breaks Pole of Radio Station in Wa(Radio Waa).

A heavy rainstorm experienced in Wa between the hours of 6:58pm and 8:20pm on Friday 14th June 2019 has destroyed properties in the Western sections of Wa Municipality.

The rain left high tension wires suspending on the ground, posing threat to people selling and staying by those electric wire cut by the heavy storm, this brought power outage within Duori, Kamabali and Mangu sections.

Houses and shops within Kambali and Choko Had their roofs dismantled with other buildings collapsing completely.

Affected Shop close to Mangu Junction in Wa

A prominent radio station, Radio Waa 92.1fm within Mangu residential area also went off air after its Signal Pole was crushed to the ground by the storm, this is the second of its kind. The radio station has since gone offline.
A high tension pole by the radio station had its wires also lying bare on the floor right in front of the Radio station, posing a threat to the residents.

Poles Crushed to the Ground
Naked Wire Suspending close to the Ground
Houses and Shops Collapse to the Ground.










Checks around town by Upperwestmedia proved the storm was much felt within Kpaguri,Duori, Kambali and Mangu Sections of the Town.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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