Alban Kingsford Bagbin, Speaker of Parliament

The attention of the Friends of Democracy-Ghana has been drawn to a viral video in which Mr. Kevin Taylor is seen endorsing one of the candidates for the position of Upper West Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress and in the process cast aspersions on the person of the Rt. Hon Alban Bagbin, Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana.

In the video, Mr. Kevin Taylor sought to ask the Rt Hon Speaker of Parliament not to interfere in the upcoming regional executive elections in the Upper West Region without offering any reasonable grounds, basis or proof for his (kelvin Taylor) insinuation of interference.

It is important to stress that the Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin remains a staunch member and pillar of the NDC not only in the Upper West Region but across the country by virtue of what he has achieved in his political journey as a Member of Parliament, a Minister of State and currently as the Speaker of the 8th Parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

By the stature and heights that he has achieved it is not in doubt that the NDC stands to gain a great deal from the valuable experiences of the statesmanship of the Rt. Honourable Speaker of Parliament.

It is therefore not in the interest of the Rt. Honourable Speaker to interfere in the democratic expressions of the people of Ghana, not least in the Upper West Region as being alleged  by Mr. Kevin Taylor.

Is it not baffling and ironic for Mr. Kevin Taylor who has never set foot in the Upper West Region to  stake a claim to the future and direction of the NDC in the Upper West Region, but forbid the Rt. Hon.
Alban Bagbin who has a right to vote in the same elections?
We wish to remind Mr. Kevin Taylor that the Rt. Hon. Speaker remains an important Stateman in Ghana who will seek the support of all in the media space, including Mr Kevin Taylor who has been instrumental in promoting transparency and accountability in the Ghanaian public space, to support and respect the democratic decisions of Ghanaians instead of openly supporting one candidate or the other.

It must therefore be on record that the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament is not sponsoring any candidate anywhere including in the Upper West Region for any position.

We entreat the NDC family
to concentrate its efforts and focus on electing credible executives who have what it takes to support the agenda of winning the 2024 elections to rescue Ghana from the cluelessness, mass suffering, and insensitivity that has befallen our homeland.

Thank you.
For: Friends Of Democracy-Ghana

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