Hon. Ambrose P. Dery, MP Nandom District

In pursuance of the above subject matter which was authored and posted on the face book wall of Mr. Wilson Dabuo who is popularly known as Williebob,the entire Constituency executive members of our much cherished party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) would wish to use thisplatform as a conduit to address some eminent inaccuracies that have bedeviled his publication dated 26th August,2019 on the occasion of the birth day of our Member of Parliament for Nandom Constituency, Honorable Ambrose Dery.

These inaccuracies that characterizes the purported write-up exist in the following areas:
First and foremost the writer (WillyBob) intimates that their political activism at the time was revolutionary in approach and were re-affirmed and reinvigorated in 2001 by the emergence of Lawyer AmbroseDer,who is affectionately being addressed as ‘The Boss’.He further argues that his emergence in that year (2001)precipitated his appointment as a Deputy Attorney General.This is a gross misrepresentation and distortion of facts on the face of available record and we would wish to state on record that the Hon.Ambrose Dery was appointed as a deputy Attorney General in 2003.This gross inaccuracy orchestrated by Mr. Wilson Dabuo aka Willybob is a litmus test to the effect that he doesn’t follow trends in the party that he claimed he has served dutifully over the years.
Also in his submission he opines that the actions and inactions of our current legislature in the years gone by are proves of party disunity in the rank and file of the party in Nandom.This opinion that is postulated by WillyBob certainly does not withstand the test of time so far as Hon. Ambrose Dery is concerned in the body politics of the then Lawra-Nandom constituency and the Now Nandom Constituency. We the Constituency Executive Committee Members would wish to state in unequivocal terms that it was out of Hon. Ambrose Dery’s unflinching commitment to party unity within the rank and file of the Party coupled with the hard work of other party supporters that lead to the sky rocketed increase in the votes for the NPP from 3,000 to 10,000 in 2004.This was an unprecedented milestone achievement since that was his first appearance as the parliamentary candidate for the thenLawra-Nandom Constituency under the ticket of the New Patriotic Party.
Also as the embodiment of party unity and the leader of the party at the time, he was able to wrest power from the NDC Member of Parliament, Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor in the 2008 Parliamentary and Presidential general elections to become the Member of Parliament for the then Lawra-Nandom constituency.
In following the unfolding political antecedents of the time, it would be recalled that it was this same year when the Hon.AmbroseDery won as the Member of Parliament for the then Lawra-Nandom Constituency that Mr. Wilson Dabuo for his lack of commitment towards the unity of our party defected from our beloved Party to contest for the parliamentary elections under the ticket of the Convention People Party (C.P.P). This action of his was a direct demonstration of party disunity and an infraction of Article 3 clause 9 subsection 1 of the NPP constitution which states inter alia that ‘a member of the party who stands as an independent candidate against the officially elected member of the party, or who joins or declares his or her support for another Political Party, or for an independent candidate, when the party has sponsored a candidate in a general or by-election, automatically forfeits his or her membership of the party.
Additionally the writer also subscribed to the fact that the Member of Parliament for Nandom, Hon.Ambrose Dery has over the years unduly subjected some sections and individuals who are his followers into unjustified exclusion in the Party’s activities. This submission by Mr. Wilson Dabuois bereft of facts and a total demonstration of mediocrity. It is worth noting that our MP as an astute Lawyer and a seasoned politician places so much premium on team work and he is always ready to bring everybody on board when it comes to political mobilization in the constituency.A practical example to substantiate the MP’s team work spirit can be traced to the year 2012 when Wilson Dabuo went to Accra to ask for forgiveness as a prodigal son. In that encounter he was forgiven and was directed to come to Nandom to work with the Constituency executive members and the party as a whole.He has since then not heeded to the fatherly advice of the trial and tested legislature.
Also Willybob asserts in his write-up that he was made Nandom Zonal secretary in April,2003.We would wish to straighten the records by saying that available party records point to the fact that Willybob was made Zonal secretary for Nandom Zone in 2006.He was however relieved of his post due to gross misconduct and non-performance.
We the members of the constituency executive Committee would wish to use this opportune time to advise our brother and son to trend consciously. The rule of engagement in this our political enterprise is underpinned by codified structures that are clearly delineated to regulate the conduct of its members
In conclusion we would however wish to acknowledge Mr. Wilson Dabuo’sappreciation of the fact that the Member of Parliament for Nandom, Hon.AmbroseDeryand the NPP government is doinga good job for Nandom and that he is still the best man who can develop Nandom.

Raymond Nero
Constituency Secretary
NPP, Nandom

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