Rea College of Health Science is a private Diploma Awarding Nursing Training school established late 2013 in wa municipal. It was said to have been accredited by department of midwifery and nursing training in upper west region but per our investigation the school was not accredited by the health sector to train and offer certificates  to students in the institution. Rea College of health science is situated on the Xavier road abreast St. Francis Xavier Minor seminary.

Upper west media had an interview with the caretaker of the school Rosevil Eric, he admitted the has no accreditation in Ghana but they are health professionals,  he also said the school was accredited in London, UK and had the permit to train nurses and also award diploma certificates and the nurses trained were not to serve hospitals only but to also serve as home doctors and also be able to establish their own clinics to serve the society in the best way the can, he said he knows so many health sectors that he can link up with to employ his students, he also said they are not hiding under the umbrella of diploma in health care.

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