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Quite a number of travellers within the Sawla-Wa Stretch of the Wa-Kumasi road have complained bitterly of how mini bus drivers overspeed on the road after the escort team clears the road for movement.

Speaking to upperwestmedia team, passengers narrated that the mini buses have small tires with warnout home used tyres yet try to speed and overtake buses moving at a speed of 120/hour.

According to a regular passenger Musanat Iddrisu who travels with a mini bus popularly called Ssanyong, she expressed her displeasure with the drivers adding that they veer unnecessarily to dodge man-holes on top speed suggesting this can explode a tire due to the load these minibuses carry on the road which sometimes puts their lives at risk.

A driver of one mini bus stated the reasons why some of these drivers undertake such risks explaining that the armed robbers have put fear and panic in them and by this compelled them to rush after the patrol team in order not to be left behind, he also added that some of these drivers do over speed to beat time and other drivers to queue on the passenger scale early.

The passengers used this opportunity to call on the GPRTU and Station Chairmen to speak to these drivers.


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