Power Supply

Residents of the Dormawa community in the Wa West District have decried the lack of electricity in the community, saying it negatively affects their social and economic lives.

They said the world was fasting globalizing with the advent of electricity which comes with lots of business and job opportunities but that, they are denied all those prospects due to the lack of electricity in the community.

Madam Faati Samwini, in an interview with Info Radio at the community, said the presence of electricity could turn their lives as could venture into electricity-borne businesses to better their lives and that of their families.

She said the electricity could help women to engage in such businesses to support their husbands in taking care of their families.

She said selling sachet water, beverages, and other cold foods are some of the avenues they could leverage if they had electricity.

She also lamented that the lack of electricity has badly impacted the academic performance of their schoolchildren as they are unable to learn at home after school, especially during the night.

She was optimistic that the presence of electricity would help to improve the academic performance of the school children in the community.

Madam Amina Kaatuori, another resident of the community, attributed the problems facing the community largely to the unavailability of electricity.

She said electricity opens doors to other developmental projects and its absence deprives a community of the needed development.

The chief of the community, Naa Kpogli Bayong could not overemphasize the importance of electricity for any community in this age and era of technology.
Naa Bayong appealed to the government and other stakeholders to come to their aid with the electricity to improve their living conditions.

Source: Info Radio

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