Information forwarded to upper west media has proven a robbery case occurred today 21 July 2018 at around 6:00pm when travellers heading to Wa from Jirapa were attacked. Eyewitnesses speaking to us said the rubbers were six in number including two Fulani men.
One of the vehicle attacked and identified was a taxi with registration number GR 9942 – 12.
Eyewitnesses added that monies were taken from passengers including motorbike users who were passing by the point between Serepkere and Sombo in the Nadowli-Kaleo District.

Speaking with the taxi driver by Name Emmanuel, he affirmed and said it was a horrible scene.
” my ghc270 was taken from me and some of my passengers were in shock as they have never seen an incident of such nature. The robbers took our money and shot at an urvan mini bus attempting to escape but we thank God for our lives”.
He Said.
The issue has caused panic amongst travellers who call for swift action to be taken before it replicates.


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