Nadowli Town in the Nadowli-Kaleo District

The cost of renting rooms in Nadowli have shot up after previous rents have began to expire.

According to some residents who sre mostly National Service Personnel, civil servants, security Officers, Rooms that used to go for Ghc500 in the unfriendly business town have increased by 20%, Rooms going for Ghc350, Ghc400 have also increased by 20% respectively.

This According to residents have compelled them to stay quite distant from town in order to be able to afford their rent, the highlighted on the fact that the issue has made the town dormant and movement to the work places difficult as houses are readily not made available by the organizations that sent them there to serve the public.

Some teachers speaking to Upperwestmedia Team suggested masters bungalows should me made available as it is in some sections of Savannah Region to Assist teachers rather than expecting them to afford rooms that are sometimes not even available.

Some police and Fire Officers also commented on the issue stating that the issue of housing has been a reason some of them will have a problem accepting to be posted to Nadowli the next time.

The issue of housing has been a challenge in Nadowli as room rents do not match the economy of the Town. The town has fewer job opportunities that one can venture into to be able to raise money to embark on supportive ventures.

The residents who are mostly public servants prefer staying in Wa the regional capital and working in Nadowli, this has become a norm to most public sector workers in Nadowli.

Some landlords also commented on the issue suggesting the price is high because they calculate it per month so if any individual is interested they can pay monthly.

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