Paramount Chief of Sankana, Naa Pagiraninge Mornah Saakoe II

The Paramount Chief of Sankana Traditional Area Naa Pagraninge Saakoe II has bemoaned the rate at which stakeholders fail to mobilize significant revenue from cultural reserves in the Upper West Region.

He spoke about the Development at the the Cultural Week Celebration Held at the Wa Jubilee Park.


It Is a welcoming spot light
Initiative and I want to add that every Identifiable group Such as the religious leaders, traditional rulers, individuals, the media, the youth,
Political parties to mention but a few, all has very crucial roles to play in
reviving the cultural heritage of the region.

Let me also Use this opportunity to commend all the stakeholders for
Coming to this programme. Indeed culture has contributed a lot in diverse
ways to the development of the country, It ls the embodiment of our
tradltlonal wisdom, Therefore the theme “Revisiting our Culture for
Business and Wealth Creation In the Era of Global Insecurity” Is apt.

It is Worth refreshing to note that, the Upper West Cultural Week
Celebration would be a yearly celebration that would bring all sons and daughters of the region to participate In It as a way of promoting and showcasing the culture of the region.

Hon. Municipal Chief Executive, Namine/Kuore, Halakuore, Security
Agencies and the Press, national development planners have not yet
understood the role of culture in development, and how atttudes and other ways of life of Ghanaians Influence the achievement of Ghana’s
development goals.

Culture comes last Instead of first and Is often perceived as a negative factor in the modern development process. As a result, the goals of the nation’s development efforts continue to be elusive. “Change” therefore must begin with looking first and foremost at the
cultural underpinnings of the attitudes of Ghanalans towards issues of
national development. Culture and traditional must therefore, Instrument not only for the elimination of negative attitudes on the one hand, but also as a potent catalyst for positive change towards economic transformation for national development.



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