Sawla – Tuna – Kalba NPP party Executives used NDC Members as Delegates

NPP Walks in Tuna, Sawla-Tuna-Kalba Constituency

The NPP election committee of the Sawla – Tuna – Kalba constituency has used a foul means to eliminate the names of some of the deligates in some of the communities in the district in order for some of the contestants to win in the just ended NPP constituency executives elections.

Some of these party executives were replaced by people in the bigger opposition NDC. Some of these NDC members have no knowledge of their names being included in the NPP deligates’ register.

The names of the deligates were however not published by the election committee before the election.
When the victims later find out that their names were replaced by NDC party faithfuls, they quickly asked the party election committee to verify.

The committee however denied it saying that, it was a computer error. Unfortunately, on the day of the election, their names were not in the register which disenfranchised them. The victims which included strong delegates from Kporiju; one delegate, Gbaayiri; one delegate, Kalba; 3 delegates, Vonkgbee one delegate, Jeryiri; one delegate, Tuonbo; one delegate etc were not able to vote as a result.
Meanwhile the election committee has promised the victims that they should turn up for the election.

By this write up, we (NPP faithfuls) in Kporiju are trying to inform the party elections committee to be very careful about issues like this in the district and if such repeat, we shall withdraw our support for the party and better throw our support for the NDC in the coming elections.

What this means is that, there would not be any NPP party supporter in our community again.

Contact : 0543112312.

Peter Sansah (Kporiju NPP secretary), victim

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