Committed follower of Hafiz Bin Salih and member of the ruling new patriotic party, Bipuah Mohammed has referred to a Regional Aspirant as a candidate who has no campaign message resorting to buy his way into the Upper West Regional chairmanship post.

Search conducted proved Bipuah was referring to SB Kangberee, a candidate seeking to be a regional party chairman on the ticket of NPP. According to Bipuah he is trying to use his money to get more support than his experience and ethics.

He wrote this message in WhatsApp groups as a way of expressing displeasure to the issue.

“Its indeed shameful to think that,u can use ur money to buy the npp in the UWR.Hmm,I hear say cars are coming from Saudi Arabia to be given to Party Chairmen.Motorbikes for delegates.

It is laughable to think we will buy into ur philosophy. We need real experienced people.Not people who will be organising funfairs around.”

Mohammed Bipuah is a committed follower of Hafiz Bin Salih who also seeks for the chairmanship slot.

By: Latif Waala

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