One of Upper West’s Entrepreneurs and Researcher into Social issues, Tuorimuo Elvis Philip has declared victory for SB Kangberee who is currently hoping to be the Next regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party, according to Tuorimuo there are several factors he has considered and based on to declare that certainty.

Kangberee(Left) Tuorimuo (Right)

” Kangberee is a sure option for Victory, he has that vision for success and is ready for the leadership task ahead, He is mature and an aristocrat, even at his age we can see how active he is on the ground. The party has a way of voting, looking at the number of contestants you would see division on the ground, people will divide and so would votes its just all about playing the cards well in the surrounding constituencies most especially the Sissala constituencies, let’s leave Wa central aside there would be division there to favor certain non-natives.”
He said.
When asked if he had other people in Mind for the other positions, he affirmed and said ” For the 1st Vice position, I see Alhaji White winning the Slot, why because the other popular contestant has created a scar in the hearts of people with the regional Minister’s brouhaha and that would go a long way to affect him, but for Mr. Dery he is not well marketed. Moving to the 2nd Vice position, Philip Braimah has an Upper hand in the race for working as a Regional research officer for the party, he should know all the corners of the party, footsoldiers and requirements for victory, Aziz in the other hand came later which has a language it speaks, it simply means unprepared but willing. That would certainly affect certain chances of his.
Furthermore, The Nasara Coordinator Position is sure for Thinkler Born Moomin, the statements issued by Kamara after their team came out victorious would certainly make people change their minds towards them, Osman in the other hand is a member of Kamara’s team so we expect support from them but let’s remember its a regional position involving other constituencies and not just Wa central. With the women Organizer position, Diana Puopoelle has an upper hand. She was uncontested until Merri was introduced, Merri has a lot of work to do within a short period which requires a lot of resources, Merri I believe is sponsored by well to do people but with the sudden appearance there is a simple language it speaks, not willing but should contest. ”
He added.
He also said Dimah would come out successful for Regional Youth Organizer because his campaign messages would rally behind him.

Tuorimuo Elvis Philip was popular after predicting Issahaku Tahiru as The Next to be Wa Central MCE 3 months before his appointment.

Credit: Latif Waala/

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