Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip is A Computer Engineer and a Human Resource Manager

Secretary for Concerned About Ghana Association, CAGA has referred to as Unfortunate and Outmoded the act of seizing and crushing phones of Senior High School Students.

According to Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip, ICT and Digitization has become a part of us and also a Subject area taught in Senior High Schools, how can you teach ICT in schools yet call for a ban to the use of its Tools.

Phones are very expensive these days and it will be very unfortunate and expensive to the state for someone to struggle for money to buy his phone later for it to be crushed deliberately in front of him all in the name of not allowing the use of  phones, this means the student has to secure money again, where will he/she get that money, its either they use their fees to buy another or they become thieves if they are desperate for phones.

Why don’t you seize the phones and hand them over to parents of these student if indeed you regard PTAs and agree guardians play an important role in shaping children.
You can equally keep these phones till the term is over and later hand the phones over to these students and not to destroy them. Some companies can sue you for destroying their products.

There is nothing wrong with using phones but there is certainly everything wrong in smashing a phone when you can’t even produce a toothpick.

We should embrace technology for the betterment of the society and our students ” he said.

Students of Tumu Sec Tech Had been in Police Custody in May 2019 for violent attitudes exhibited in their school, this was as a result of phones seized.

The Secretary added the the High School Authorities could hand over such phones to the Regional Education Directorate for generation of IGF to support the Certain courses.

A survey conducted by Calyx-Tech proved phones destroyed in senior high schools in Upper West Alone have summed up to a cash amount of Ghc2,000,000(20 Billion old Cedis) from the period of 2010-2019.


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