Most Ladies in wa Today have converted marriage to business after seeing it to be a difficult task to cope with. Marriage is a union which needs much of commitment and sacrifices.

Are the girls willing to sacrifice or stay with a single man?
We say no for a reason.

Women go into marriage closed to the period of Ramadan insisting for ‘Lefe’ that’s bride compensation in form of cloths with high standard thus GTP, Kente cloths etc and same ladies would boldly reject Hire Target as a cloth because its regarded as cheap. is it compulsory?
Answer: No!
It is a condition given by the ‘selfish’ woman.
What is necessary
Answer: ‘Furi sodaki’
Now we are answered.
The said Lefe is estimated at Ghc4,000 as the least price. Compelling men to go inn for loans. The women later come inn and can’t withstand the hardship.
Who is the cause?
They later run away with the lefe these men suffer to buy, sell them and go back to flirting outside.
Later they go into another marriage and run with another Man’s Lefe this is how they accumulate wealth these days away from their previous request for motorbikes initially.
Our women have become business conscious instead of marriage.
Four men we’ve interviewed have suggested mothers of these girls influence them negatively leading to these attitudes.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/

One thought on “Single and ‘Not’ Searching Waala Girls Now Extorting ‘Leefe’ from Muslim Men – Report

  1. I wonder wer u got u report frm, running away frm men wit “lefe” can nt b De source of income for ladies bt some ladies.lets nt 4get sme ladies run frm dese marriages even without notin. Let’s nt also make it look as if ladies change husband/marriages Jux bcox of lefe,cmon slot of dese ladies even go into marriages without lefe. Pls let’s b a bit………

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