Ambulance Donated to Sissala East Assembly

The Alhaji Inusah Foundation has donated a well-built and modern ambulance worth several Ghana cedis to the Sisaala East Municipal in a colorful ceremony in the municipality on 15 July, 2019.

There was reportage carried on this news portal on the broken –down ambulance allocated to the Municipality by the National Ambulance Service couple with plight of the sick persons being transported in unacceptable machines all in the name of seeking for medical attention especially emergency cases.

At the Tumu Chief Palace

Alhaji Inusah’ family lead by Ambassador Rasheed Seidu Inusah paid a courtesy call on the chief palace of Tumu where they were warmly received and more heart -warming the breaking of the news they family brought home. The landlord calls for Allah guidance and protection and expressed how grateful he is on behalf of his subjects.

At the Health Directorate

When the family members accompanied by the MCE visited the Municipal Health Directorate, the Health Director flanked by the Municipal Disease Control officer and the Municipal health Committee chairman gave them a warmly welcome and upon the news expressed their joy and gratitude for the elephant gesture. The health director disclosed how stressing it is to serve a population of little above sixty seven thousand (67) with 8 health centers, 44 CHIPS zones and more worrying with only two medical doctors serving this population.
The Municipal Health Committee Chairman Hon.Robert weive Baga did passionately appeal to the handlers of the ambulance to pay proper attention to their maintenance culture and reckless usage since adherence to the above will lead to the sustainability of the ambulance.

From the Health Directorate, the team representing Alhaji Inusah Foundation moved to the Municipal Hospital and taken round some of the wards as a familiarization tour.

M.C.E Speech
The Municipal Chief Executive in his brief speech did recount how he met Ambassador Rasheed Seidu and how their brotherly relationship started leading to the gesture the Municipality is to benefit from. He entreats the Hospital to make good use of the ambulance so as not to send a bad signal out that Sisaala people are careless group of people thereby deterring other philanthropist from extending their work to the Municipality.

He further pledged to constitute a five member committee to help in putting to good use the ambulance. The MCE used the opportunity to commend the municipal health workers who despite challenges have emerged first in a recent survey conducted district health league 2018-2019 with support from UNICEF.

The MCE concluded his speech by making a passionate appeal to all sons and daughters of the Municipality to as a matter of urgency to the aid of the Sisaala Rural Bank is one of the pride of the Sisaala people and currently needs to meet the Bank of Ghana minimum capital requirement else would be merged with another bank elsewhere.

A colorful ceremony was organized to see the handing over at the Municipal assembly conference hall. Present was the landlord of Tumu Baba Lurimua Kanton, Municipal Health Director Mr Alex Bapula, Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Karim Nanyua, chiefs from other communities, heads of some institutions, presiding member, some assembly members, reps of religious bodies, media and the general public. The ceremony was laced with drumming and dancing by the Tumu dance troupe (Tampaning). The team from Alhaji Inusah Foundation making up of five males and two females were decorated with smokes which signify a symbol of appreciation the Northern of the country.

The presentation was made to the Municipal Hospital, on behalf of the Alhaji Inusah Foundation.

Speaking at the handover ceremony Ambassador, Alhaji ,Rasheed Seidu Inusah former diplomat, Head of research department at ministry of foreign affairs, former National Director of Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) made it known that, the donation was necessitated when an acquaintance was established between the MCE and himself on one of his official tour throughout the country. During one of their conversation the MCE raised the issue of lack of a functional ambulance as one of the head ache of his municipality.

The MCE has since their last conversation reminded Ambassador Rasheed Seidu Inusah of the plight of his people. This also sent shivers through the body of Ambassador Rasheed Seidu to share the plight with his brothers and hence through Alhaji Inusah Foundation responded to the call of their ancestral Municipality.

Most of the rural areas that the ambulance intend to serve have never had an ambulance provision before and will use it primarily to transport very ill patients to the main Municipal Hospital and if possible referral within the region and beyond the region.

Brief background of the Alhaji Inusah family and the birth of Alhaji Inusah Foundation
Late Alhaji Inusah’s grandfather hails from a community called Komo in the Sisaala East Municipal of the Upper West Region. The community is about 90 km away from the Municipal capital Tumu. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Municipality of Sisaala East. The migration was done in a quest to seek for employment in the mines in Obuasi. Thankfully to their dreams, Alhaji Inusah got employed in the mines, had a large family and thus 14 children who were all taken through formal education. Alhaji Inusah until his demise was a philanthropist who helped the needy in diverse ways such as ;he renovates the Obuasi central mosques almost every year, help defray people’s medical bills when they reach out to him, helping to pay school fees of needy children and thus was compelled to establish a school (Sakafia)now p to senior high level .
According to the narrator, when Alhaji Inusah passed on, his children specifically a son based in Paris-France hatched the idea of continuing his philanthropic work and thus the birth of Ahaji Inusah foundation.

This Foundation with a seed capital worth ten thousand dollars has executed a number of projects in Obuasi until the idea of coming home necessitated the extension of the benefits of the Foundation. The Funding for the Foundation solely comes from the contribution of Alhaji Inusah’ children. The ambulance donated is the first of their project in the Sisaala land.

Further narrating to those present at the handover ceremony, Ambassador Rasheed Seidu Inusah has on behalf of the whole family revealed, their resolve to help solve some pressing issues affecting the Municipality and also promised to be advocates to galvanize fellow Sisaala brothers and sisters outside to come and give out their quota to society.

After officially handing over the ambulance keys to the medical Director of the Municipal Hospital, Ambassador Alhaji Rasheed Seidu on behalf of the family present at the ceremony and those absent(Alhaji Inusah Foundation), did expressed overwhelming joy for the warm reception accorded them and they multitudes of appreciations received from the people. He further pledged that, they have come home to stay and hence more projects will in the near future.

By: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu

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