Sissala East: A Sigh of Relief to Little Basi Sule Rahinatu

The Little Girl with Rickets was treated

Little Basi Sule Rahinatu is a twin sister of Basi Sule Rahantu who both hail from Timbaga in the Sissala East Municipal of the Upper West Region, they are both 14 years old, currently in class 6 and both attend Bandei Basic School which is a little distant from their community.

Once upon a time, as part of an exercise to document physical challenges of all basic schools in Sisaala East Municipal and Sisaala West District. A project initiated by Sisaala community in diaspora specifically UK, I came across a school pupil in an extremely demoralized, dejected, and hopeless appearance from all indications and at just a glance.
This girl’s reason was simply her disability that, has left her unable to walk even 15 meters without taking a rest and hence the dream of frequent commutting from Home in Timbaga To her school in Bandei was becoming a mirage as her soul was willing but the body unable to.

Though spotted in the classroom, further interaction with her indicates her decisions of quitting schooling until something is done to her disability of which she is aware something could be done to correct it.
My swift intervention of drawing some philanthropists attention to the plight of Rahinatu was met with an equally swift response where money was sent  down to support the girl’s surgery.
This kind gesture indeed brought to sigh of relief to Rahinatu’s immediate family,class mates, teachers and the entire community.
In the company of the head teacher for Bandei basic school, representatives from Sissala East Municipal Educational Service we travels to Wa where she under went the surgery and handed over the money to the mother of the victim.
Today, little Rahinatu is back to class with her face full of smiles and even poised to continue her education.

Any little support to get her books,sanitary pads and school bag will be appreciated as she re-engages.

Special Thanks to the following persons:

The sponsors :
Mr.Kanton Baveru Godwin and Mr Wahab aka Loco all based in UK.
GES especially Mr Kanton Baveru Godfred aka Gobik and My Nicolas
To :
Mr Bagon Issahaku the head teacher and Mr Wuttirira Inusah her class teacher.

By: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu

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