Demonstration in Tumu over Rosewood Harvest

The paramount chief of the Tumu traditional area in the Sissala East Municipality of the Upper West region, Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton IV, has threatened to lead his subjects to demolish a Chinese timber processing factory in the area.

Speaking to Citi News, the chief said the decision is to show the disapproval of traditional authority on the illegal citing of the company, Bachopong Li Songquon, and also dispell rumours of his involvement in their operations.

Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton IV has therefore given the company a two week ultimatum to move away all machines and other equipment or be ready to bear the consequences of their defiance.

“I want to state that I will personally lead my youth to burn down the company if they failed to evaluate from our land. We traditional authority have no knowledge about that company. I have decided to comment on this issue because some people are suggesting that I am involved in the sighting and operations of the company. I want to make it clear that I am not aware of the company and that I have no involvement whatsoever in their operations. I am giving them two weeks to go out from our land. If after two weeks they fail to comply with this directive, I will personally go and burn down their equipment. I am ready for the consequences”.

Some residents of Tumu on Monday, August 26 went on a demonstration demanding the immediate shut down of the Chinese wood processing company. According to the residents, the activities of the company, Bachopong Li Songquon is affecting their environment and clearly defies the government’s ban on the harvest of rosewood

In their petition to the Sissala East municipal chief executive, Karim Nanyua, the residents gave the company a two week ultimatum which elapsed yesterday to heed to their demands.

One of the leaders of the residents, Osman Kanton in an interview with Citi news expressed satisfaction about the stance of the chief.

“We have so much respect for our traditional authorities. So we have decided to halt further actions and wait for our chiefs to act. We will join forces with them to ensure our land is protected”.

He explained that they have since received correspondences from various stakeholders including the Sissala East municipal assembly and the environmental protection agency to the effect that Bachopong Li Songquon will not be allowed to operate in the area.

By: Latif Manama/Citi FM

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