The Sissala East Districts Assembly have not been able to reach its set target for revenue mobilization for the first quarter of 2017.

GHC138, 330.00 was the revenue target but GHC73, 337.00 was collected making a representation of 53%. Bujan area council had performed credibly in revenue mobilization as the other area councils made less efforts.

The area council mobilized GHC15,165.00, Nabulo area council generated 6, 389.00, Wellembelle had 4,489.00, Tumu town council generated 3,416.00 and Sakai area council had 2,760.00. The assembly finance unit also generated 41,118.00.

With the said revenue performance, some assembly members questioned the poor performance in revenue mobilization by someone of the area councils especially the Tumu town council which has the largest land mark with more revenue potential’s but has never outweighs any of the remaining. However, investment returns of the assembly is also about 36,005.00 that has been generated from the assembly ‘s grader, the canteen, tipper truck and it’s guest house. The assembly has received one share of its common fund at the sum of 79,000.00. Notwithstanding, the DCE Hon Karim Nanyua stated the short fall in the receipt is due to advance payment of parts of the common fund to finance social investment projects.

He expressed hope that the deductions will end so that the assembly can enjoy remaining releases in full.

By David Luri/Tumu/

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