MP for Sissala East, Mr. Amidu Chinnia(Left)

A Former Deputy Upper West Regional Minister,  Mr. Amidu Chinnia has defended the position that awarding contracts to family members isn’t illegal in Ghana.

He Sited instances to Umar Kunateh in an Interview at Home Radio,  a commercial Radio Station in Wa.

He delved into issues of a contract he Allegedly awarded to His Relative, an owner of Batowiise Company, a company into road construction.

A Joy News Documentary aired few days ago had Narrated that the Deputy Minister issued contracts to his relatives in the past as Deputy Upper West Minister.

Meanwhile the former Deputy Upper West Regional Minister has opposed claims that he acted in Breach of the law, he reiterated that there isn’t any law against awarding contracts to relatives.

“Like i said,  I have some basic knowledge about law and the laws are very explicit about how contracts are awarded and in the event that if a family relation wants the contract,  what you should do,  the fact that that I am a public officer,  the fact that I am a deputy minister,  The fact thar I am a member to Parliament does not stop my family members from doing business, they are Ghanaians and as long as they go according to Law to do business,  even in the institution where I work,  they can do business but the law requires me to take certain steps if mt relations want to do business in the institution where I work,  for instance,  I’m a deputy minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, the law does not state that my wife,  my brother,  my sister or any relation cannot come and do business there but once they show interest in doing business there,  if I happened to be a member of tender committee that  happened to award contracts,  all what I need to do is to declare my interest and recuse myself. So the Law allows your family members to do business in the institution where you work..”


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