A fishmonger in the oversea area of Santijan in the Sissala East Municipal abandoned his search after his net caught an unexpected human head in the process.

It follows days of intense rainfall that have flooded and decimated several villages and communities resulting in making most roads and farms paths inaccessible.
This happened in Santijan where a team of NADMO officials were on a tour to asses what the continuous rainfall had brought to the people. A resident in the community told RadfordFM “flood waters have prevented residents of Santijan, Gbenebisi and Kalaxsi from moving as roads are filled with water, the levels they haven’t seen in recent times”.

The fishmonger who run away does not know where the human head came from but suspects it could be a victim of the floods.Reports says the unrecognized head was buried later by the community members.

The five reported dead according records from NADMO are from Sakai, Wellembelle, Bawiesibelle and Santijan. NADMO Office in the Sissala East says they were four males and one female.
In Wuru over 12 houses have all been brought down due to the heavy rain as the occupants now live on their farms upland.
A total of 34 communities are affected, whilst 5,614 people are either homeless or have had their homes affected by the torrential rains.

Farmers are upbeat about their harvest as most farmlands have been soaked as over 1,081 farmer lands stand destroyed.
In addition, most bridges,culverts connecting to farmlands have either been washed away or broken. Residents from Tasor cannot travel to Bugubelle as the bridge have broken down preventing the people from doing visiting or doing business among themselves.
Nabulo to Tasor, Kulfuo to Tasor and so is Bakwala to Challu have all had their culverts connecting them broken or washed away.

The situation of the roads have been deplorable and requiring attention that never came.
As economic activities are halted ,so are other social events halted.
The Municipal Director of NADMO Issahaku Ghanha told Radford FM they are continuing with education and sensitizing members of the community about floods but is calling for support for the affected persons after sending a situational report to the regional office for support.
On Friday Regional Director of NADMO and officials of WFP were in Tumu to tour and assess the situation in some of the communities.
The NADMO office has since not been able to give out shelter materials to the over thousands whose homes have fallen excerpts advise to them.

The organisation hopes their leadership together with the MCE,region would plan and distribute some relief items to the victims to console them whilst they await the full extent of damage that would be done to their farms as the rainfall has become a daily routine

By: Balu Mohammed

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