Forestry Commission in Sissala West

A 4-month ban on shooting, catching, and disposing of wild animals in the nation’s forests has been issued by the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission. The closed season refers to this prohibition. Except for the grass cutter, all wild animals are subject to an annual hunting prohibition. Beginning tomorrow, August 1, 2023, the ban will last until December 1, 2023.

The purpose of this activity is to give wild animals a break so they can breed and wean their young.

According to the Park Manager of Gbelle Resource Reserve, Dr. Polycarp Maabier, over-hunting of Ghana’s wildlife has led to a situation where the falling population of animals affects food security in both rural and urban areas. He added, “Wild animals get pregnant only when there is abundant food and water for them to be able to give birth and produce enough milk to support the young ones”.

Dr. Polycarp encourages hunters in the municipality not to hunt for bush meat to safeguard the extinction of animals. He added that the effects of hunting around this season are that, lactating mothers would be killed, leading their young ones which will eventually die and pregnant animals will be killed would result result of the reduced number of species, hunters might have to travel long distance in the future to have a catch for either traditional or medicinal use. He urges food vendors and restaurant owners not to entice hunters with high prices to compel them to still hunt during the season.

He stated that “hunters who flout the directive and enter the bush to hunt and are found guilty of the crime could be fined between 250 and 500 penalty units, which depends on the discretion of the judge to give, and depending on the case, a penalty unit currently costs GHC12”.

This year’s close season is under the theme “Climate change and its effects on forest and water resources”.

Source: Sissala Radio

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