Tumu Hospital is in the Sissala East Municipality

“Despite the challenges, we are one of the best-performing municipalities in the region; in all the ninety indicators, we have consecutively had the first position in the regional scoring”. This was according to Mr Clifford Veng, the Municipal Director of Ghana Health Services for Sissala East, during an interview by Sissala Radio at his office on 17th July 2023.

Mr Clifford attributed the success to the proactiveness of health workers in the community-based Health programme services, Clinics in the municipality, and other health centres who worked tirelessly to provide excellent services to clients in their communities. He added that the motivation of staff has also played a key role in encouraging them to give their best to the people.

Mr Clifford accepted that the Municipality has witnessed some shortages of some medicines in some health centres, but He asserted that “it is something that has been occurring over time and is not peculiar to Sissala East but across the Region”. He narrated that “to get medicines to a facility, we have to put in a requisition letter, get it approved, and then regional medical stores would scrutinize it before supplying the medicines”. He affirmed that the regional medical stores have been the only certified institution to sublet medicines to health facilities in the region. He observed that “it is challenging sometimes to write to regional stores and get disappointed not to receive some of the medicines or non-medicines requested”.

On Covid-19 vaccination, the Municipal Director revealed that the municipality would this week begin a vaccination exercise for persons who had not taken the Coronavirus jab. He, therefore, encouraged residents of the constituency to visit health centres across the Municipality to disregard myths said about the jab, as such notions are untrue and unsubstantiated.

Source: Sissala Radio

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