Abu Received 2,200 Seedlings This Year as Part of Green Ghana Project

A farmer in the Sissala East Municipality by Name Abu, has explained how he had committed himself to the Green Ghana Project by Accepting 2, 200 trees for planting.

The Farmer who is 56years old was interviewed on Green Ghana Day by Balu Mohammed in the Sissala East Municipality, a year ago 2021, the forestry Commission in Sissala East Gave Abu over 1,000 acacia trees to plant and he has since planted them, Abu has an experience in seed transplant since 1991

“Last year I was given 1,100 seedlings to plant, 1,000 acacia and 100 teak trees. The green Ghana Project is a good thing because I have love for trees, coincidentally, government introduced the development and I was impressed about that”.

He outlined some of his challenges in Managing the Trees.

“Cattle disturb me daily, also looking at the environment, bush fires have also been a problem compelling me to make farm belts around, I need a fencing wire to protect my tree farm from fire and cattle”.

“I was given 2,200 seedlings this years, 2022 to plant and I think my land can be enough to accommodate the number, i wasn’t charged by the commission, i was only urged to plant them and take good care of them”

Abu however noted that nothing was added to the seedlings by the forestry commission after enquires were made by Balu Mohammed to know if he was given some farming tools.

“I wasn’t given anything aside the Seedlings, I will be glad if I’m given seedlings yearly.”

Abu appealed for a Motorking Tricycle and Fertilizer to improve his works.

Abu is 56 years old farmer with two wives and 8 Children from Kowie in the Sissala East Municipality.

Source: Balu Mohammed

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