Mr. Amidu Chinnia, MP for Sissala East Constituency

The Member of Parliament for Sissala East constituency Mr. Amidu Issahaku Chinnia on Sunday 12th March 2023, issued a statement concerning Roads in the Sissala Municipality.

In his statement, he urged Constituents to exercise restraint when demanding for their share of the National Cake when it comes to issues of Roads. He made it clear that using temperaments or expressing anger when demanding for roads to be fixed would only worsen the situation. He issued the statements during a handing over ceremony at Wallembelle where he urged residents of the area to instead use diplomatic approach including petitions rather than treading abhorrent paths to seek for roads in the Sissala Area to be fixed.

“there is historical antecedent or historical Problem that the Sissala People Face ad we don’t have to be too emotional when it comes to our roads, for ore than 50-100 years our roads have not bee tackled, how many roads have been tackled in the Sissala Area?, its like we have not been part of Ghana for a very long time but it appears that the emotion and anger is coming at this particular time on an accumulated problem, its not a problem that started today, we have had Ministers coming from this area, we have had mps coming from this area but it has remained a problem, if you look at what is happening now under president Nana Akufo-Addo, you can see clearly that there major, major work that is being done…”

He also expressed joy that healthcare delivery system is being improved in areas including Wallembelle, Bugubelle, Nabulo, Taso, Bawiesiboi, after he donated an ambulance to the Wallembelle Polytechnic, the Second larges health facility in Sissala Area.

He said the ambulance will serve Communities including Nwanduonu, Nabulo, Taso, Kulfuo, Bugubelle, Kulfuo, Komo and other neighbouring communities. He thanked residence for the trust bestowed in him all the while, he also said some 22 bed capacity wards are being constructed in Four Communities within the municipality the Communities Include Sakai, Bugubelle, Naabugubelle and Nwanduonu.


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