Mr. Ridwan Abass Seeking to Go For a Second Term

Ahead of NPP’s parliamentary primaries, comrades from the NDC have learned to engage in a rather diabolic propaganda which, though smart is to me gimpy.
Their agenda to punch the NPP as a disunited front in the Sissala East Constituency should be disproved by the leadership of the party (NPP).

In as much as they are trying through all means possible to achieve their aim of forcing the people to believe nonfactual disunity between Hon. Ridwan Abass (sitting MP) and Hon. Amidu Chinnia (UW Dep. Regional Minister), the leadership of the NPP should work extra hard to dissolve their awkward propaganda else we lose the seat.

I can only, at this juncture, urge the Ridwan and Chinnia Teams to abhor paths that disunite the party. Any attempts to breed any form of factionalism and hostility against each other shall not only make both of them losers but go a long way to bring the NPP down in the upcoming general election.

They should know and note that 2020 is a year for yet another unprecedented electoral victory for the NPP. We, as faithful of the Elephant fraternity, cannot disservice ourselves by being the reason for an electoral loss or decline in votes.

The leadership of the NPP in the Sissala East and West constituencies must be earnestly cautious of the dubious tactics of the NDC which is fast gaining roots.

The NDC as a political party has no relevant history with the Sissala people and must therefore not be allowed to return to power in the Sissala East and West constituencies.
Again, they have absolutely no business to transact with the people and must, therefore, be put to shame one more time in 2020 as far as the Sissala constituencies are concerned.

By: Reindolf Amankwa || CTI-Middle Belt

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